Bikes on Rent in Manali

You can get Bikes on Rent in Manali for Bike Safari. This is also a type of adventures tour.

Bikes on Rent in Manali India

Bikes Tour in Manali India

This is always good to take a volvo bus from Delhi to Manali and then take a Bikes on Rent in Manali. This is hassle free as Delhi to Manali run is approximate 14 hours. In Kullu Manali Rohtang you can get Bikes on Rent in Manali easily. The cost of Bikes on Rent in Manali varies between 200 to 500/- per day.

Mountains Bikes Tour in Manali

If you are with friend then this is a full of adventure and enjoy to take a bike on rent and visit the Manali, Rohtang Pass and Leh. But this all must be done in a group. If you are single or with family then you should not go for rent a bike.

Bikes Tour in Manali


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